· Objectives ·


  • To provide quality education from 8th to 12th class at subsidized rate to students from all over the country including Tribal Districts Merged Areas in particular.
  • To eliminate the sense of deprivation and alienation among tribesmen, by providing prospects to bring them into national mainstream.
  • To channelize the potentials of cadets from tribal areas into more productive ventures bearing on nation-building activities.
  • To inculcate in young cadets the spirit of national cohesion and honour their patriotism.
  • The focus will be on academic excellence, personality development, character building, and promotion of true religious values, leadership traits and physical development.
  • To act as an outlet to transform the cadets and mould them for taking responsible positions in all walks of life.
  • To inculcate national harmony and integration, by providing opportunity to cadets from tribal areas to work in consonance with their colleagues from the settled areas.
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